municipal collection system odor and corrosion control with hydrogen peroxide, calcium nitrate, and sulfelox

Sewer Odor and Corrosion Control 

Sewer Odor and Corrosion Control 

Wastewater collection systems are complex structures with dynamic hydraulics. Consequently, more than one control mechanism is often at work, and several factors should be considered in designing a cost-effective control program. These include:

  • The presence of siphons, pipe depressions/surcharges, low velocity lines, or other aspects which contribute to solids deposition (and hence biofilm mass) within the collection system. These features increase the chemical demands of the prevention mode.
  • The contribution of commercial or industrial discharges which encourage odor generation through increasing temperature, sulfate levels, suspended solids levels, biomass or BOD. These factors also increase the chemical demands of the prevention mode.
  • The effect of diurnal flow variations, manifolded force mains, or intermittent industrial discharges which make reliable prediction of retention times (and hence sulfide loadings) impractical. This affects the degree and frequency of overdosing and underdosing of chemical in the prevention mode.

Evaluation Process

  • Maps of the pertinent section(s) of the collection system, including areas that are located upstream of the odor complaint (or corrosion control) area;
  • Locations of all transitions from force mains to gravity mains;
  • Pipe diameter, pipe geometry, pipe material, and design slopes of gravity mains;
  • Average daily flows of relevant interceptors and force mains;
  • Current (and abandoned) chemical injection points, if any, and type of chemical, dosing rates, costs, and any comments on effectiveness;
  • Locations of any industrial discharges, and the nature and flow of such discharges;
  • Monitoring locations and any points subject to regulatory compliance;
  • Current and historical levels of H2S-in-Air, aqueous sulfide, and wastewater temperature;
  • Locations where corrosion has been observed and comments on its severity;
  • Pump station flow rates, pumping mode (intermittent or variable drive), and diurnal flow variation;
  • Treatment objectives (target H2S-in-Air and/or aqueous sulfide levels, if known).

USP Experience

Our experts have been solving complex wastewater collection system issues for over 25 years. Our Rapid Response program has been extremely successful at effectively and inexpensively remediating odor and corrosion issues in municipal infrastructure.

For more information about how to more efficiently manage odor and corrosion issues, please let us know by filling out the form below or contacting your USP Territory Manager.

Featured Products

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SulFeLox®– Low Hazard Iron Salt

A low hazard and cost effective alternative to traditional iron salts and calcium nitrate for controlling sulfide levels in collection systems.

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PRI-TECH®– Peroxide Regenerated Iron

PRI-TECH® is an innovative combination treatment that integrates iron salts with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a unique and synergistic fashion, resulting in cost savings and treatment enhancement compared to traditional iron salt use.

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Calcium Nitrate

Nitrates are a proven technology for medium to long-duration hydrogen sulfide control in collection system gravity and force mains and can be used in applications where hydrogen sulfide odor is already present (curative) or to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide odor before it forms (preventative).

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