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Environmental Stewardship

Our Commitment to the Environment

USP Technologies’ slogan, “Solutions for a Clean Environment” embodies our approach to sustainable practices. We have served the environmental market for more than 25 years with full-service chemical treatment programs and have offices and field service locations throughout North America.

USP Technologies overall corporate vision is to enable customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing eco-efficient solutions that reduce and recover costs, energy, resources and space. USP’s specific mission is to develop cost effective, peroxygen-based technologies and full-service treatment programs that provide low-risk, value-added solutions. Through an approach of working collaboratively with our customers to solve problems, our objective is to deliver low-risk innovative technologies that offer sustainable, effective results that meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship..

Our chemical products and services help our customers achieve:

  • Water savings and waste minimization
  • Conversion of waste streams to usable products
  • Use of current equipment to treat greater loads
  • Recycle and reuse of iron salts for beneficial use

Protecting the Environment

USP Technologies specializes in chemical treatment programs that deliver process performance enhancement benefits. USP enables customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing eco-efficient solutions that reduce and recover costs, energy, resources and space.

By optimizing performance, chemical usage is reduced and effluent outflow meets environmental standards, protecting natural ecosystems. In remediating toxic sites, we help restore the balance that supports natural habitats.

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Protecting Your Investment

Our peroxygen-based technologies and full-service chemical treatment programs used in the collection systems extend the life of the infrastructure to avoid costly replacements of sewer and storm water lines. With our turn-key programs, customers do not incur costly capital outlay that may contribute to indebtedness.

In addition, supply chain management continues our long-standing practice of buying locally, thus reducing unnecessary shipping and associated environmental impact on infrastructure and the natural elements.

Community Care and Involvement

USP Technologies is a member of the Water Environmental Federation (WEF) and serves on the Industrial Water Committee. We have also held roundtable discussions with municipalities and their industrial customers to foster community, share knowledge, listen to participants’ concerns and encourage ideas to learn from each other.

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Examples of USP Technologies’ Internal Sustainable Practices

Some examples of our dedication to environmentally responsible business practices and product development, which promote sustainable and innovative ideas, include:

  • Our growth required expansion of product development and fabrication facilities that support North America. USP Technologies decided to remain and expand in the greater Buffalo, NY area. This allowed our facilities to utilize one of the largest sources of clean, carbon-free hydroelectricity.
    Growing in the Buffalo-Niagara area also allows USP to support a business environment which, in turn, supports sustainable solar development through a raw material credit, smart grid design via research and development and a host of other clean tech synergies.
  • The Product Fabrication Group at USP Technologies implemented a closed loop acid recycle system utilized in the manufacturing
    process. This provides a substantial reduction in the manufacturing waste stream and minimized impact on the treatment facilities
    affecting the local watershed.
  • USP Technologies, in consultation with FM Global, began utilizing thermographic imaging of the electrical supply system for the
    fabrication facility. This annual audit will provide indication of electrical inefficiency, curtail areas of waste, and promote a safe
    and incident free workplace.
  • We recycle cardboard and scrap metal.
  • Our suppliers are selected based on Responsible Care practices, closest terminal, safety record and training programs. We employ internal assessments and audits to ensure our supplier-partners are best in class.
  • Our available technologies as well as the ones we are currently developing are focused on reuse, reduction, recycling and/or process improvement. Reducing customer budgets, personnel time, capital costs and chemical expenditures provides our customers with more value for their chemical spend.
  • Most USP Technologies associates work remotely within customer regions and program work is performed at the customer site, this reduces travel – eliminating contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and also promotes customer responsiveness.
  • USP Technologies invests in interactive technologies such as web and phone conferencing to allow ease of collaboration amongst employees, vendors and customers, eliminating unnecessary travel.

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